The Flatfrog whiteboard app requires access to the Microsoft store over the internet.  The only work around available is to move the PC to an unblocked network, install the application from the Microsoft Store and return the PC to the original network.  The Bundle version by design will only operate with approved screens.  If you do not have an approved screen for the bundle, then you must install and use the public version from the Microsoft Store. 

We have updated our settings for the FlatFrog Whiteboard Bundle Edition in Microsoft Store for Business and it should now be possible to download the app for offline distribution according to using e.g. SCCM according to these instructions: According to this link, SCCM supports both Online and Offline installs and Offline install support for paid apps from the store is not supported by Microsoft by design. Please contact your Microsoft Technical Account Manager (TAM) or Microsoft Services Technician for SCCM support of Windows Store Applications.