Within the Flatfrog Whiteboard application there is the ability to share content and drawings with OneNote.  The Windows 10 Share Panel will only allow content to be shared with OneNote Windows 10.  It will not allow content to be shared with OneNote 2016, 2013, or OneNote Online in Office 365.  OneNote Windows 10 is called just "OneNote" and comes with every Windows 10 PC and is a free download.

Method 1: Use the Share Panel:  (Only works with OneNote Windows 10) 

What is the difference between OneNote Windows 10 and OneNote 2016:


Method 2:  Use the Windows snipping tool.  Great for sharing everything to everything in Windows. 

Method 3: Export to a PNG from FILE, EXPORT, then Insert Picture to any version of OneNote.

Method 4: Use the lasso tool within the FlatFrog Whiteboard and paste into any version of OneNote. 

Method 5: Use the PRINT feature to Print into OnNote.