Step 1: Start, Control Panel, Select PC-Tablet Application

Step 2: Calibrate

Step 3: Touch Input

Step 4: Using your finger or Passive stylus, accurately select the "X" 4 points in each corner starting with the upper left.  Note: the "X" will move from Left to Right, then Upper Right to Bottom Left.  Make sure all 16 points have been touched accurately.

Step 5: Select DO NOT SAVE.  Do you want to save the calibration data? NO  (This utility was developed for Windows 7 when touch screens were much less accurate as they are today.  Today's touch screens are calibrated with much more accurate production tools which makes the saving of the Windows Calibration data unnecessary and in some cases less accurate. Please do not save the calibration data or it may result in a less accurate touch screen experience.)

Please select NO or you may experience less than optimal touch accuracy.